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Things Your Pastor Wished You Knew but Can’t Say ft. Jabin Chavez | S7 Ep. 179

Inside the Second Chair w/ Temi Pope | S7 Ep. 178

Overcoming the Obstacles of Leadership Development ft. Phil Klein | S7 Ep. 177

Intentional Leadership Development ft. Leading Second Coaches | S7 Ep. 176

Inside the Second Chair w/ Vance Roush | S7 Ep. 175

Navigating Second Chair Leadership in a Church Plant ft. Noah Herrin & Connor Crumpton | S7 Ep. 174

Inside the Second Chair w/ Philip Engle | S7 Ep. 173

Family & Ministry ft. Jonathan Brozozog | S7 Ep. 172

Inside the Second Chair w/ Nate Puccini | S7 Ep. 171

Answering Your Questions LIVE (Team Church One Day Special) | S7 Ep. 170

Inside the Second Chair w/ Wade Joye | S7 Ep. 169

Biblically Faithful Leadership ft. Chris Palmer | S7 Ep. 168

Inside the Second Chair w/ Larry Brey | S7 Ep. 167

S6 Ep. 166 // An Alignment Check-up with Brandon Stewart

S6 Ep. 165 // Rich and Cass Langton on Leading Second as a Creative

S6 Ep. 164 // Dusty Dean on Winning with Your Family

S6 Ep. 163 // Leading Second Coaches on Alignment

S6 Ep. 162 // Vance Roush on Leading Innovation from the Second Chair

S6 Ep. 161 // Jenni Catron on Giving Your Organization a Culture Check-Up

S6 Ep. 160 // Rivers Church Team on Healthy Multisite Culture

S6 Ep. 159 // Ask Us Anything with Brandon & The Leading Second Team

S6 Ep. 158 // Dave Rich on Leading Second Through Legacy Giving

S6 Ep. 157 // Scott Riztheimer on The Journey to Predictable Success, and Where We Get Stuck Along the Way

S6 Ep. 156 // Matt & Jennifer Martin on Managing Frustration in Ministry

S6 Ep. 155 // Wade Joye on This Dream is Not For You

S6 Ep. 154 // Manny Arango on Trusting God With Your Calling

S6 Ep. 153 // Kevin Gerald on the Year of the Leader

S6 Ep. 152 // Leadership Failures and Church Growth at All Costs

S6 Ep. 151 // Racial Unity in the Church and What That Means for Church Leaders

S6 Ep. 150 // Deconstruction, Gender Ideology, Sexuality, Boycotts and the Loud Social Media Landscape

S6 Ep. 149 // Postmodernism, Critical Theory, and the New Woke Religion

S6 Ep. 148 // “I Am With You” with Todd Mullins & Dave Simiele

S6 Ep. 147 // Omar El-Takrori on Losing Your Voice to Find It

S6 Ep. 146 // John & Anna Morgan on Being a Number One Number Two

S6 Ep. 145 // Nathan Finochio on Stewarding Your Calling

S6 Ep. 144 // Levi Lusko on Things Your Pastor Wished You Knew

S6 Ep. 143 // Brandon & Lindsay Stewart – Ask Us Anything

S6 Ep. 142 // Lee Wilson on The Vision Tension

S6 Ep. 141 // Temi Pope on Standing In For Your Leader

S6 Ep. 140 // Les McKeown on Scaling Your Organization (and What It Will Require of You)

S6 Ep. 139 // Les McKeown on Moving From Start-Up to Scaling

S6 Ep. 138 // Joshua Bingle & Michael Whittle on Leading in an Anti-Authority Culture

S6 Ep. 137 // “I Am With You” with Nate Puccini

S6 Ep. 136 // Larry Brey on Being Intentional in Your Leadership Development

S5 Ep. 135 // Top Family & Ministry Rhythms for 2023 with Brandon & Lindsay Stewart

S5 Ep. 134 // Walking Through Church Hurt with Natalie Runion (Raised to Stay)

S5 Ep. 133 // Why Did We Stay? with the NorthRock Church Team

S5 Ep. 132 // Things That Will Take You Out of Ministry: Core Competencies

S5 Ep. 131 // Things That Will Take You Out of Ministry: Doctrinal and Theological Congruence

S5 Ep. 130 // Things That Will Take You Out of Ministry: Character Identity and Formation

S5 Ep. 129 // Things That Will Take You Out of Ministry: Cultural Alignment and Congruence

S5 Ep. 128 // What We Think About From the Second Chair (Second Chair Leaders Panel)

S5 Ep. 127 // What We Think About From the First Chair (Lead Pastors Panel)

S5 Ep. 126 // Developing a Leadership Culture (In a Quiet Quitting World) with Larry Brey

S5 Ep. 125 // Being Faithful Under Authority with the C3 Los Angeles Team

S5 Ep. 124 // Reflecting the Heart of Your Pastors with Earl & Oneka McClellan

S5 EP. 123 – Having Confidence In Your Unique Calling with Omar El-Takrori

S5 EP. 122 – Cultivating Unity in Our Churches with the Rivers Church Team

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