Welcome to Leading Second Build

Hear from our founder Brandon Stewart

What is Leading Second Build?

Leading Second Build is for Lead Pastors and Executive Teams who desire to move forward toward team health and sustainable growth.

Brandon Stewart is a licensed consultant through Scale Architects, using the Predictable Success model for coaching.

Leading Second Build is for you if…

  • You feel a loss of forward movement in your church.
  • You are experiencing organizational chaos.
  • Your team is misaligned or lacks ownership.
  • Ministry results feel like you’re walking on a treadmill.
  • Leadership has stopped feeling fun.

With a Biblical framework and proven systems, we come alongside church leaders with diagnostic tools to identify challenges and create a roadmap to move forward.  

Let's Get Started!

All coaching partnerships begin with an initial assessment.

  • Observation of weekend services and church staff.
  • Assessment of staff leadership styles and culture. 
  • First kick-off meeting to debrief and discuss findings. 
  • A clear roadmap to move forward, including your Top Five next steps.

From there, our preference is to walk with you for 12-15 months while you implement your action plan.

Our process includes:

  • Five coaching calls, introducing each of your Top Five next steps.
  • Follow-up calls for each of these steps to check progress.
  • Availability between meetings for questions or follow-up. 
  • Additional onsite visits for training, as desired.

At the end of the day, you are leading this process. Our job is to customize an approach and offer proven solutions that meet your current needs. 

What Will You Gain from this Coaching Partnership?

Clarity on your current organizational season.


Greater understand of your team’s leadership capacity and mindset.


Strategies for future hiring and team collaboration.  


Clear next steps and partnership in the process.


Interested in Leading Second Build?

Reach out! Let’s schedule a no-obligation exploration call to determine if this coaching partnership is right for you.