We’ve created Leading Second to serve as a resource for churches everywhere.

Leading Second exists to:

  • Inspire UNCOMMON attitude.

  • Equip UNCOMMON skill.

  • Coach UNCOMMON wisdom.

The Leading Second Story


Leading Second exists as part of the greater Team Church tribe, founded from the heart of Pastors Kevin & Sheila Gerald to equip teams to build churches that impact communities for Christ.

After 15 years of serving on the team at Champions Centre, and 5 years of traveling North America to equip local church teams, Brandon & Lindsay Stewart began to see the real challenges leaders in the middle were facing. Believing that healthy teams are essential to thriving churches, they began to pioneer a new community of church leaders built around the heart of servant leadership. 

Leading Second launched in Houston, TX in February 2018. Since then, the Leading Second tribe has grown to encompass thousands of leaders representing hundreds of churches in the US, Canada, and beyond. Through resources, coaching, and events, Leading Second exists to equip local churches everywhere to raise up UNCOMMON leaders.

About Brandon & Lindsay

Brandon & Lindsay fiercely believe in the power and potential of a healthy local church. Firmly planted at Champions Centre in Tacoma, WA, they have given their lives toward this cause. 


Brandon has been passionately building the church’s community impact over the years, serving on the leadership team of Champions Centre in Tacoma, WA. He’s given his drive and his effort to the success of the Team Church Conference and tribe, as well as coaching pastors, leaders, and teams across North America. 


Together, Brandon & Lindsay have a daughter (Zane) who is full of life and creativity. They also recently had their second daughter (Glo) in April 2021. They love the Pacific Northwest and live in the Seattle area. When not at home, you will find them exploring a city somewhere in the world, hiking somewhere outdoors, or walking down the streets of Disneyland as a family. 

Join Our Team

We couldn’t do this without a community of people who wake up every day alongside us to build the local church. 

If our mission resonates with you, consider joining our volunteer team and discovering the joy of building the “big C” Church and equipping leaders.

We have volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas:

  • Project Management/Administration
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design & Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Database Management
  • Live Event Production