I will give every ounce of my life to this work, with no regard for credit, positions, or titles.

Coaching can take many forms. 

It’s the honor of a lifetime that pastors and leaders would trust the Leading Second team with opportunities to speak into the soul of their church or team. We don’t take it lightly.

While every need is different, here are some of the most common ways we’ve found ourselves adding value in local churches.

Church Development

For Lead Pastors & Executive Teams

Do you ever wonder what experience guests are really having at your church? Every church and team has blind-spots. Thankfully, outside eyes have 20/20 vision. So much more than “secret shopping,” on-site church assessments with Leading Second include the following:

  • Initial interview with Lead Pastors
  • Interviews with key team members and decision makers
  • Observation of church services
  • Debrief with Lead Pastors to discuss findings
  • Leading Second team training or volunteer rally (optional)
  • Ministry during weekend church services (optional)

1:1 Coaching

For Lead Pastors & Team Members

If Leading Second is a leadership gym, consider this your personal training. Personalized, one-on-one coaching is one of the most effective tools to break personal capacity barriers and move head in your leadership.

On-site or remote coaching needs can often include:

  • Personality and strengths assessment of team members
  • Team structure and reorganization
  • Executive coaching for Lead Pastors
  • Individual coaching for team members

Coaching Groups

For Executive & Campus Pastors

Periodically throughout the year, Leading Second offers coaching groups for executive level leaders in churches of all sizes. Coaching groups are being reimagined for 2022, so stay tuned for all the details soon. 

Want to learn more about how Leading Second can support your team?