Leading Second Lifestyle Guidelines

As a representative of Jesus and the Leading Second ministry, we expect you to champion and embody the Leading Second mission, Creed, and values. We want to help you grow and develop these values in your life and daily walk as you lead second and walk this journey of an UNCOMMON church builder.

Lifestyle Guidelines

As volunteers of Leading Second, we submit to the following lifestyle guidelines as expressed through the lens of God’s Word in its historic, Christian interpretation. These guidelines inform us in our relationship to God, the world, people, our families, and the Church.

In Our Relationship to God

We pursue time with God daily in silence, solitude, prayer, and the Word. We regard God as Lord, not life coach. His Word, as interpreted by the historic, Christian church, has the final say in how leaders order and engage their life.

In Our Relationship to the World

Leading Second team members are ambassadors of reconciliation and soldiers against harmful ideologies; the Gospel is held foremost in approaching the world while the Spirit actively leads to disarm spiritual strongholds. We recognize there are people on the other side of policy. Leading Second team members conduct their language and social platforms in reflection of that consideration. People are never the enemy.

In Our Relationship to People

At Leading Second, we live by the Christian sexual ethic as historically interpreted in the Bible: sex is to be enjoyed within the union of marriage, that union consisting of one biological male and one biological female. To honor this union and to avoid any appearance of sin, we refrain from traveling alone with members of the opposite sex (including riding in the same vehicle alone). 

We abstain from drugs (including marijuana) and do not glorify alcohol in conversation or on social platforms. We may enjoy alcohol with temperance and always in consideration of others above ourselves.

In Our Relationship to the Church

We actively live in relation to the Church by:

  • Giving Financially:
    • Tithe: an act of obedience according to Scripture; one-tenth of all increase given to the Church.
    • Offering: financial gifts of generosity given to the Church beyond the tithe.
    • Alms: gifts of generosity given outside of the Church.
  • Serving at our local church:
    • Leading Second exists to work alongside, not separate from or in conflict with local churches. It is our heart to support and champion your role within your own local church. We ask that your involvement in your local church always be kept your first priority. We ask that your involvement in Leading Second be cleared by your pastor/leader, with their preference regarding your Leading Second schedule to be paramount. This includes regular work on the Leading Second team, as well as any trips you take with Leading Second. 
  • Actively engaging in committed accountability relationships. A relationship is considered such when the person we are accountable to is:
    • Biblically grounded: one whose advice, encouragement, and experience is shared through the lens of Scripture, actively pointing others towards Jesus and the Word.
    • Kingdom-centered: someone who views the world through the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39), and compassion—being moved by the struggle and needs of others.
    • Fruit-forward: someone who shows evidence of what God is doing in and through them.

In Our Relationship to Our Families

As a team we are only as strong as our families. Leadership is a family decision and must move the family forward in their relationship with Christ. We ask that you do not sacrifice family for ministry, but rather that you bring your family along on the journey. Family is never an inconvenience.